£750.00 per month

The Wentworth Consultation includes:

1. Two Blog Posts Per Month optimised

  • Blog Post Featured Image Design For Each Post
  • Up to 2 Stock Images Per Post (fully optimised)

2. 60 Minute Kick-off Call

3. Keyword Research & Penalty Checking

  • Choose 1 primary keyword per topic page.
  • Catalogue a minimum of 20 ancillary keywords to scatter throughout each topic page’s content.
  • Create a report of the average keyword density for the top 5 websites on Google for each primary keyword.
  • Set up Google Search Console.
  • Check the site for indications of a Google penalty.

4. Content Strategy and On-Page Optimisation

  • Correct word count on pages
  • Add 2 outbound links on each page
  • Pepper content with keyword synonyms.
  • Ensure keyword density on ranking pages is similar to the other sites ranking on page No.1.
  • Where appropriate include internal links.
  • Set up Yoast WordPress Plugin.
  • Optimise all ‘H’ tags, ‘Alt’ tags, IMG filenames and ‘Title’ tags.
  • Create page titles that include primary keywords
  • Write SEO Meta descriptions.
  • Audit websites speed
  • Create rich snippets using Schema Markup.


5. Competitor research

What do we do?  Simple.  We snoop like a super sleuth and copy your competitors’ keyword densities. And I’m not talking mediocre businesses but the big players in the organic top 5 spots of Google.

6. Off-page SEO

Whereas On-Page SEO consists mostly of tasks you only need to perform once, Off-Page SEO and the acquisition of good backlinks is an ongoing thing. Taking a break won’t negatively impact your rankings perse, but rather your competition will usually catch up and beat you.

6 Week Money Return Protection…

There is an overwhelming amount of ‘SEO Guru’s who have a new focus or trick that will get you to number one on Google. It is utter trash and needs to be ignored. There is no such thing as an SEO Guru. It is a continual learning process, SEO is a slow process with little instant feedback, with that in mind we provide As a business ourselves we’re sensitive to the process of choosing and entrusting companies with your growth. That’s why we’re the only SEO services in the UK to provide a 6-week money return policy as standard.

Deposit : £375.00 Per item

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  • 3 Blog Posts Per Month SEO optimisation
  • 60 Minute Kick-off Call
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy & SEO Report (including 6 content ideas)
  • Blog Post Featured Image Design For Each Post
  • Up to 2 Stock Images Per Post (fully optimised)
  • Competitor Research
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Uploading Content to Your Website


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